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reclaimed brick slips

There is nothing quite like the look of traditional, handmade and hand-fired bricks. The colours, the textures and the look are all unique - with no two bricks exactly alike. When used inside or outside the home, these old fashioned, but highly durable bricks offer protection and style and they certainly last a lifetime - in fact they last many lifetimes. That is why we have chosen the very best reclaimed bricks for your brick slips - giving you that traditional look that you crave.


We have chosen bricks from early 19th century buildings to create our brick slips and corners because we know that they are some of the very best bricks available. In a huge range of colours and with all of the individuality that we want, even in our modern homes, they make a perfect addition to our range. You may even find the odd brick that has an inscription on it - giving it the authenticity that you want.


These bricks are all handmade from clay and would have been fired in kilns or even left out in the sun to harden. The colours are applied by hand so that each one has its own style and shade. Many were used in old school buildings, factories and in housing and are now being reclaimed for use as brick slips - giving them a new lease on life and ensuring that these perfectly good bricks are not wasted.


With rustic charm and plenty of character, these brick slips are making a splash in terms of interior design. As a quick and easy way to achieve the brick look, but with much less work, a brick slip is the perfect way to create a traditional feel in the home. Use as a feature wall, on your chimney breast or even behind the range in the kitchen. The feeling will be strong and full of antique character - but it is easily achieved.


With corner pieces also available, these reclaimed brick slips offer you a fully professional look and can be easily applied to your wall with a special adhesive and grout. This is a job you can do yourself or just get in the professional. You will certainly save money when compared with the cost of building a brick wall from scratch.


Reclaimed brick slips are colourful, authentic, antique and genuine. We think our slips are the very best on the market.


Prices start from £33 + VAT per sqm.



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Reclaimed Brick Tiles - D

Reclaimed Brick Tiles - E


Reclaimed Brick Tiles - F

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natural, reclaimed brick tiles

246 x 65 x 20 mm


The red face of these antique reclaimed brick slips is hidden by the natural white bloom on some. This gives these bricks a Mottled Red look that will blend perfectly into your home as a feature wall or outdoors around your BBQ or in the garden. The deep browny grey mortar serves to highlight the colour of the bricks, while the old world traditional look really shines through.

natural, reclaimed brick tiles

246 x 65 x 20 mm


With a light grey mortar, the colour of these reclaimed brick slips in Tawny Red really does shine through. These bricks are marked, discoloured and full of imperfections - but that is what makes these unique brick slips so popular. These come in a mix of browny red and discoloured grey to give you an antique look that you will love. Don’t forget to buy the corner pieces if you need them.

natural, reclaimed brick tiles

246 x 65 x 20 mm


With uneven edges and the hills and valleys of handmade bricks, these reclaimed brick slips in the Sahara Desert shade will give your home a unique feel that you will love. The deep dark mortar highlights the rough edges and keeps that traditional look alive. With colours that run from a light sand through to a mountain grey, this is a brick slip that will give your home a traditional lift.

Reclaimed Brick Tiles - G

Reclaimed Brick Tiles - H

Reclaimed Brick Tiles - I (H+F)

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Reclaimed regular brick tiles and corners (available in all of the above colours)

regular reclaimed brick tiles

corner reclaimed brick tiles (pistols)


corner reclaimed brick tiles (horizontal)

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