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Long format brick slips are a special range of modern and fancy brick slips. The longest are 490mm long, with 440mm and 400mm long slips also available.

All our long brick slips come with matching corner pieces, and can be supplied with proprietary adhesive, grouts and sealers. Prices start from only £43 + VAT per square metre.


If you are looking for a design statement or a wow factor, these are the brick slips to choose.


We have 20 brick slips in this range.


LONG FORMAT BRICK SLIPS- click on images to see larger picture

Long brick slips, also called Roman brick slips, in this range are 490 mm long x 40 mm high. Thickness is 14mm.  These are the longest and slimmest brick slips we have on offer.


Prices start from only £65 + VAT per square metre. We have 7 brick slip colours in this range.


The Black Blue long brick slip is a striking modern look interior and exterior cladding that will add drama to wherever it is used. Each of the extra long bricks comes in a different shade of black, dark and light grey through to midnight blues and hints of white or silver. The overall effect is one of modern boldness that will be captivating. Try it behind green garden plants to highlight the colours.


The pale grey mortar used on this Brown Blue long brick slip will give the bricks a stand out feel and really does highlight the wonderful colours. With strong reddish browns and deeper light and dark blues, these long bricks are great for use either indoors or out. The earthy tones work well in the garden, while the brighter blues will compliment your interior decor.

Looking like the froth on top of a cappuccino, this stylish and creamy Creme White long brick slip is the perfect addition to your morning

(and your home). The subtle shades run from lightest cream to hints

of orange and the grey mortar adds definition to the bricks. The long horizontal brick pattern is modern and will work both indoors and outdoors too.

In various shades of cream and brown, with burnt bits here and there, this Gold Brown long brick slip may remind you more of breakfast than a form of cladding, but as the latter it works a treat. The light mortar does a great job of highlighting the bricks, while the horizontal long line layout gives the slip a modern look. This is a striking brick slip for inside or outside your home.

The combination of white and gold on the Gold White long brick slip will give your home or garden a new and fresh look. The long length bricks in an almost whitewashed look with gold highlights is a contemporary look that is perfect for brightening any room. The white mortar gives the entire slip and painted effect, while still leaving enough texture to add life and movement to the wall.

For a dramatic and bold feel in your home or garden, the Silver Black long brick slip is the ideal choice. The bricks are arranged in a horizontal fashion and the mortar is a matching black to give it a feeling of being painted. The look is mixed matt black with highlights of silver. Great for combining with colourful plant arrangements in the garden.

The Silver Grey long brick slip features a silver grey colour with a light grey wash over the bricks. The underlying colour can still be seen, along with a white mortar to bring it all together. This brick slip can be used indoors or out and features longer length bricks in a horizontal layout. This offer a new contemporary take on traditional brick walls.

Long brick slips, also called Roman brick slips, in this range are 440 mm long x 52 mm high. Thickness is 14mm.


Prices start from only £53 + VAT per square metre. We have 7 brick slip colours in this range.


For a thoroughly contemporary feel, this Strong Graphite long brick slip features dark grey colour bricks, highlighted by a deep black mortar. The precision cut bricks are even and smooth giving this a uniform and strong feel. Ideal as a cladding for a modern extension, a garden wall or even indoors in a contemporary kitchen or bathroom. The brick colours are even, but with slight variations in tone.

This more traditional set of brick colours on the Misty Sunrise long brick slip will allow you to give your home a classic makeover without compromising on style. Each long length horizontal brick features a mix of browns, reds and fired greys all held together with a light grey, misty mortar. The bricks are also a mixture of engineered smooth and more textured 'handmade' options.

The combination of a light grey brick and a matching grey mortar gives this wall cladding a strong and cohesive look. The Uniform Grey long brick slip has a painted effect and uses smooth bricks alongside slightly textured ones to create an authentic and modern feel. This colour is perfect for indoors or out and can be used as a cladding on any building to great effect.

The Painted Cream long brick slip is a fresh and clean look that will work perfectly inside your home. The combination of cream brick with a matching cream mortar means that the overall look is one of a painted brick finish. Meanwhile the long length bricks give the look a contemporary feel that will ensure your home feels up to date. The texture of the bricks adds one further dimension to bring it all together.

The smudges of blue on these cream coloured Creamy Blue long brick slips will give your home a hint of fabulous colour. With a dark mortar line, these horizontal long length bricks will really stand out. Each brick is coloured with hints of blue to give them a pastel, subtle feel and the texture ranges from slightly mottled to almost smooth. Perfect for indoors or out and a variety of uses.

For a rustic, but dark look this Blackened Grey long brick slip is a perfect choice. The bricks come in a range of colours including dark grey, black and the occasional hint of silver. The mortar lines are in a deep grey and this highlights the rough edges of each of these longer length bricks. This is a stunning contemporary look with plenty of texture and can be used indoors or outdoors.

For a bright and modern addition to your home, either indoors or out, this Ice Grey long brick slip will give you plenty of options. The longer length bricks come in an icy grey colour that almost feels like a light blue and this is a reflective and bright shade for all parts of your home. The white mortar works to highlight each brick, while the smoother texture give it a modern and refined look.

Long brick slips, also called Roman brick slips, in this range are 400 mm long. Height is either 71 mm or 35 mm. These slips can be ordered in one size or in both sizes. Thickness is 14mm.


Prices start from only £52 + VAT per square metre for and £43 + VAT per square metre, dependent on height. We have 6 brick slip colours in this range.


The Mottled Grey long brick slip will give your home the impression of a modern brick wall, but without the weight and the time it takes to lay the bricks. The textured surface of this brick slip is perfect for creating a modern and interesting look, while the matching grouting is perfect for the uniform look you want. The combination of thinner bricks and wider ones gives this an interesting look that will be perfect as a feature wall.

The almost honey tones of this Palest Cream long brick slip with its textured surface will work well in almost any setting - but as a way to add light to your home, these are ideal. Easy to lay, these brick slips feature a combination of thicker bricks and thin ones to give it a traditional feel and yet the pale cream shade and lighter grout will add a contemporary edge to any room you choose to use it. Great for outside too - especially as a garden feature.

This strong and exciting shade of Burnished Red long brick slip is highlighted by touches of burnt black and browns. This authentic feel is highlighted further by the white grout that really makes these bricks stand out. With a selection of thin rows and thick bricks, this has a traditional feel. The red shade is perfect for creating a focal point in your room and is perfect for a strong look in the living room or even a bedroom.

The deepest Gothic Black of this long brick slip is softened slightly by hints of glossy dark grey that allow you to see the beauty of these bricks. With thicker bricks split by rows of thin bricks, this is a brick slip that allows you to express your individuality. The surface of the bricks is a rough texture that truly highlights the colour and the depth of the dramatic feel this wall could give - either inside or out.

Soft and serene - this Golden Biscuit brick slip is the perfect long brick style and features rows of thin bricks, complimented by rows of thicker ones. The shade of honey cream and orange is highlighted by the creamy grout that really allows these bricks to stand out. Even the textured surface of this brick allows for this modern shade to have a traditional feel. Overall, this is a brick slip that will work perfectly on your home and can be used indoors to add a splash of colour.

With many shades of brown and a deep brown grout, this Brown Galore long brick slip will give your home a modern feel that you will love. The shades run from creamy brown and orange through to deep splashes of darker brown/black. The mix of thinner bricks and thicker ones also adds to the charm of this brick slip and gives it a truly authentic feel. Easy to lay and instantly transformative, this is a look that you will be pleased you chose.


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